The Daily Grind: What’s the best pet class in an MMORPG?

What do I do?

I hated pets when I first got started in MMORPGs. Pets in early MMOs had such terrible AI and were such a nuisance to control that they gave their masters bad reputations for years to come.

A couple of games changed my mind along the way, though: Guild Wars 1 and Titan Quest, and maybe Hellgate London too. While not all MMORPGs, they all had extremely powerful summoning classes that basically made the game into a steamrolling experience where the player had to do very little but keep the summons coming. By the time City of Heroes added Masterminds, I was actively seeking out a class I once looked down on.

What pet classes and summoning classes have you enjoyed in MMOs? What’s the very best pet class in an MMORPG?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!


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