Nosgoth releases Silenced Cathedral map, shows player growth


If you’re a big fan of the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver games, you probably remember the crushing disappointment when Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun was quietly cancelled. From the ashes of that project emerged competitive online game Nosgoth, which pits teams of humans and vampires against each other in almost MOBA-like third-person PvP matches. Nosgoth initially had trouble gaining traction with jilted fans and released as an Early Access title in January 2015 to a mixed reception.

Now one year on, things are looking fairly optimistic for the free-to-play title. Regular development updates have helped to flesh out the game’s content, and average player numbers have been holding steady over most of the past year, with peak player numbers growing since since December. Developers have been experimenting with ranked league seasons and cash prizes and are now considering using a more traditional 5v5 game mode in the game’s next league. The latest development update also introduced the Silenced Cathedral map, which was designed with verticality and tight spaces in mind (preview video after the cut).

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