Crossout enters its next phase of testing complete with factions

Here in mycar I feel safest of all.

If you’ve ever played a game focused around vehicle combat and thought “hey, this would be better with Mad Max-style customized war vehicles,” you owe it to yourself to give Crossout a passing glance. The game has entered another round of testing that runs until February 7th, allowing testers to play around with the first version of the game’s faction system.

As players fight under the banner of a specific faction, that faction will offer more and more benefits to the player, including specific vehicle blueprints and faction-specific parts for your customized war machine. Each faction has its own focus, as well – the default and always-available Engineers focus on sturdiness, while the Lunatics focus on heavy offense. If you want to see what the current version of the game looks like in action, there are screenshots and trailers just below.

Source: Gaijin Entertainment press release
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