Get Fractured Space for free on Steam this weekend


If you desire something a little different than the standard fantasy fare in your next MOBA, you can give Fractured Space a spin for free right now. As a celebration of this week’s update, which brings the strategy-meets-space ships game that much closer to launch, Edge Case Games is offering it on Steam this weekend at no cost. Even more than just free access for the weekend, however, players get to keep Fractured Space permanently.  Anyone who downloads the game before Monday, February 1st, at 1:00 p.m. EST will keep thatr copy at no cost; it won’t disappear from your play list when the weekend is over. Additionally, the various early-access packs are 50% off during this same time.

What could be better than a free game? How about starting the game on equal footing with the veterans? The update reset the tech tree to its final version, meaning everything was wiped. But that was the last wipe: All ships, experience, and credits unlocked from here on out will be in the game at launch, which is slated for later this year. Go ahead an give the game a look-see in the screenshots and new trailer below.

Source: Edge Case Games press release; thanks to Zariarn for the heads-up!
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