Heroes of the Storm shines the spotlight on Xul

Just get the Ghostbusters jokes out of your system now.

Necromancers are always given the same reputation. No matter what, everyone assumes that necromancers are going to be freaks raising armies of the dead, cackling madly, and otherwise being really creepy to hang out with at parties. Unfortunately, Xul from Heroes of the Storm is unlikely to change this image, being a necromantic engine of death with a scythe and a dagger who looks like death warmed over and can’t be bothered to wear a shirt with a vest. But on the bright side, he does look like he’s bulked up, so at least he’s eating well.

The latest hero spotlight for the game falls on Xul and his mixture of abilities, with a brief talk from the development team about how Xul’s abilities were pulled from Diablo II and incorporated into the game. He’s meant to be creepy and evocative for longtime Necromancer players while at the same time feeling cool even if you’ve never once played his source game. Check out the spotlight on Xul’s abilities in video form just below.

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