Guns of Icarus opens up dynamic PvE battles with Alliance DLC


Dueling airships title Guns of Icarus is sailing into uncharted territory with its recent Alliance DLC: PvE.

If players pony up the $15 to buy the DLC patch, they’ll gain access to new factional content┬áthat encourages players to team up to defeat computer opponents in — wait, we have to get the wording on this just right — a “dynamic world progression system.”┬áTo facilitate this six-faction struggle, the developers have created a computer AI to keep things challenging. Hopefully it won’t become self-aware and try to take over the world, but such are the risks for good gameplay.

The DLC comes with plenty of other goodies, such as a new ship type, the Oblivion map, guided missiles, and gas mortars. The weather system has been treated to a decent upgrade as well, with better visuals and more storm types. The patch notes have all of the secrets for your eyes alone, so read them carefully!

Source: Patch notes, Humble Bundle. Thanks to DK for the tip!
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