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Guns of Icarus Alliance opens preorders for its PS4 port, promises cross-platform voice chat

Guns of Icarus is making another bold move – this time to console. Specifically, it’s launching its Alliance edition on the PS4, with preorders open right this very moment.

“Assemble a daring crew to battle for sky supremacy with Guns of Icarus Alliance, out May 1 on PlayStation 4 for $14.99. The team-based, pirate airship combat game from indie developer Muse Games is the first to offer cross-platform play and voice chat between PS4 and Steam players. Starting today, players can preorder Guns of Icarus Alliance and receive a 25% discount, a ship figurehead and a costume set forged exclusively for those that preorder.”

We’ve been following the Muse Games title for almost a decade; you’ll recall that it’s a steampunk airship combat MMO that reinvented itself last year with a slew of PvE and co-op content and successful Kickstarters for multiple types of content. Most recently, the title pushed out a new PvE defense map called Blistered Abyss.

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The reinvented Guns of Icarus Alliance arrives on Steam with fresh PvE

The reinvented Guns of Icarus Alliance is sailing into a bold new world with its debut on Steam. Players can pick up a copy of this expanded multiplayer airship adventure for $20, or pay a little more for a costume pack and soundtrack to go with it.

So what makes Guns of Icarus Alliance different than its forefather? Basically, the game has gotten away from a strict PvP setting to include a lot of challenging and fun co-op PvE content as well. The team has created new story mechanics, large PvE mission maps, new weapons, additional ships, and a lot of costume and ship cosmetics to unlock.

“If you’ve heard of the previous Guns of Icarus, the PvP game, this is way different,” the studio said in a press release. “Think of it as you and your ragtag crew teaming up with other ships against hordes of enemies controlled by an intelligent AI director.”

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The Daily Grind: Which MMO do you most regret Kickstarting?

With Pathfinder Online, The Repopulation, and TUG all back in the news this week either hunting for money, being acquired, or undergoing a total do-over, Kickstarted MMOs are getting more side-eye than usual from the MMO playerbase.

It isn’t as though MMOs never crowdfund and launch successfully; Elite Dangerous, Ascent, and Guns of Icarus are just a few of the ones that have done just that. But I’m willing to bet that any of you who’ve ever Kickstarted a game have a regret or two. I sure do.

Which MMO do you most regret Kickstarting, and why?

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Guns of Icarus Alliance is now in beta

There’s nothing quite like flying through the air in a steampunk airship, unless you’re also blowing other steampunk airships out of the sky. Guns of Icarus Alliance is now in beta, melding the original Guns of Icarus gameplay with a PvE feature set. The new way to play the game is also available to all owners of the original PvP-only game, so if you got tired of other players shooting you down, now you can take on AI players at no further cost.

Guns of Icarus Alliance includes a sprawling metagame of factional dominance across a world map, along with five new ships and four new weapons. Players can also load up with new ultimate abilities to change the face of the battlefield across five modes and seven maps. Check out some screenshots and a trailer just below, especially if we had you with the idea of shooting down airships.

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Guns of Icarus fires off a week of open alpha

Welcome to August, friends — and welcome to the war as well. As of today, Guns of Icarus has opened the doors to all players to check out its alpha build.

The key number to remember here is four: “You’ll find yourself flying and crewing on four new ships with access to four new guns in the service of one of four factions. All of these new contents will be in service to the first war of Icarus. Defend a homeland, launch a daring attack, recruit mercenaries, and build defenses as you and other players attempt to dominate the world. Can you rally your faction and turn the tide of the war?”

The open alpha test will run from today through August 8th, offering three game modes (assault, defense, retrieve) across six maps. Players will have a chance to check out the aerial hardware that Guns of Icarus has to offer, including Seraph Tempest missiles, Charybdis gas mortars, Februus weaponized coils, and the Chaladonian Shrike and Anglean Corsair airships.

If that’s not enough, there are various small patch notes with fixes and improvements to check out.

Source: Guns of Icarus. Thanks to DirtyKlingon for the tip!


Guns of Icarus opens Alliance PvE alpha for a week

If you like aspects of Guns of Icarus but want to play a version without the PvP, your wish will be granted for one week in August. The catch is you already have to own Guns of Icarus! From August 1st through the 8th, all players who currently own the PvP game can jump into new PvE Guns of Icarus Alliance and participate in objective-driven combat while piloting and crewing the game’s various ships, including the new ones shown at PAX East 2106. The goal of Alliance is to help your faction conquer a territory by destroying enemy outposts, assaulting bases, and retrieving cargo.

If you like the game and decide to support it, you can get an exclusive badge by pre-ordering before the end of this alpha week.

Source: Guns of Icarus official site; thanks to alric112 for the tip!


PAX East 2016: Guns of Icarus shows off its new ships, new guns, and new maps

How many cooperative airship piloting simulators are there in the marketplace at the moment? The answer is that there’s basically just the one, and Guns of Icarus could probably rest on those laurels alone. Instead, the developers have rolled out new ships and guns on the show floor at PAX East 2016, giving players a taste of some of the new stuff being added to the game as it continues through the development cycle.

The new ships are the Mercantile Magnate (a maneuverable ship with many fields of fire), the Chaladonian Shrike (maneuverable and well-equipped to put out a broadside but with a fragile frame), the Fjord Baronies Crusader (a ship with powerful weapons that necessitates an expert crew), and the Anglean Corsair (a durable broadside ship with a complex engineering layout). New guns include a gas cloud launcher, a swarm missile launcher, and a focusing laser for ripping through light armor. There are also new enemy boss ships and AI crew members to fill out rosters. Check out a new trailer and screenshots for the game just below.

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Guns of Icarus opens up dynamic PvE battles with Alliance DLC

Dueling airships title Guns of Icarus is sailing into uncharted territory with its recent Alliance DLC: PvE.

If players pony up the $15 to buy the DLC patch, they’ll gain access to new factional content that encourages players to team up to defeat computer opponents in — wait, we have to get the wording on this just right — a “dynamic world progression system.” To facilitate this six-faction struggle, the developers have created a computer AI to keep things challenging. Hopefully it won’t become self-aware and try to take over the world, but such are the risks for good gameplay.

The DLC comes with plenty of other goodies, such as a new ship type, the Oblivion map, guided missiles, and gas mortars. The weather system has been treated to a decent upgrade as well, with better visuals and more storm types. The patch notes have all of the secrets for your eyes alone, so read them carefully!

Source: Patch notes, Humble Bundle. Thanks to DK for the tip!


Guns of Icarus turns three, gives you gifts

Guns of Icarus turns three this week, and to celebrate, Muse is giving away hats with sparklers and causing all of your enemy kills to explode in a shower of festive fireworks for the next few days.

The game’s latest newsletter also touts the newly finished practice mode which lets you fly solo on any map, so get out there and learn the fastest paths and the nooks and crannies while your enemies are at work. The newsletter also highlights some of the more noteworthy player-created items from the Steam workshop as well as the Blood and Brass tourney finals that happen on Twitch this weekend.

Finally, don’t forget to peruse the 1.4.4 patch notes to catch up on all the changes from late October.

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The MOP Up: Blizzard belongs in a museum!

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. See any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we’ll look at the incredible account of a gamer who donated hundreds of items of Blizzard memorabilia to a museum, marvel at castle sieges in Archlord 2, give you a heads-up on SWTOR’s expansion, and more!

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PAX Prime 2015: Guns of Icarus breaks ‘preconceived notions’ of naval combat simulation

There are always some games that you look at and think that it would be great to try when you have the time. My Steam library is full of them. One game that might have made it into your Steam games is Guns of Icarus, but even if it hasn’t yet, perhaps it should. And you should also make time to actually play it.

This weekend at PAX, I sat down with two of the creators of the game, Howard Tsao and Joe Lieberman (not to be confused with the former US Senator), and they were extremely excited to let me be one of the first people to step into the PvE module for Guns of Icarus.

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Guns of Icarus boss talks PvE, factions, new ships, and more

Last week I checked in with indie airship battler Guns of Icarus, and I figured why not check in with the dev team at Muse while I was at it. CEO Howard Tsao graciously fielded my questions about GoI’s upcoming PvE mode, and he filled us in on everything from enemy AI to factional gameplay to new airships that are coming soon.

Join us past the cut for the full interview.

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Leaderboard: How many MMOs have you played this week?

I guess my MMO habit is back in full swing, because after a few weeks of vacationing in the realm of single-player titles (and a few weeks of vacationing from gaming altogether), I’m back to hitting this hobby hard. So far this week I’ve logged significant time in Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and EverQuest II. I’ve also dabbled in MMOlikes ARK: Survival Evolved, Guns of Icarus, and GTA Online, for what it’s worth.

What about you, MOP readers? Have you played more than one MMO this week? How many? Vote after the cut!

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