Guns of Icarus Alliance is now in beta


There’s nothing quite like flying through the air in a steampunk airship, unless you’re also blowing other steampunk airships out of the sky. Guns of Icarus Alliance is now in beta, melding the original Guns of Icarus gameplay with a PvE feature set. The new way to play the game is also available to all owners of the original PvP-only game, so if you got tired of other players shooting you down, now you can take on AI players at no further cost.

Guns of Icarus Alliance includes a sprawling metagame of factional dominance across a world map, along with five new ships and four new weapons. Players can also load up with new ultimate abilities to change the face of the battlefield across five modes and seven maps. Check out some screenshots and a trailer just below, especially if we had you with the idea of shooting down airships.

Source: Muse Games press release
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