Guns of Icarus patches in a new map and Kickstarter rewards for hamster fans


Congratulations, Guns of Icarus players, the latest patch will allow you to get rewards for backing the Hamsterdam Kickstarter. If you’re blinking a bit in surprise at that statement, back up just a step; Hamsterdam is another game by the same studio, and some of the backer rewards include stuff in the extant Guns of Icarus. Look pretty! Look hamster-themed! Do all of that right now, because it’s in the game with this patch!

Players who prefer to have no part in hamster-related accoutrements will still have stuff to do in the patch, as there’s a new map for players to fight over, the Hidden Temple. Players can also try out new formats for a couple of maps, fire off a new gun, and explore the balance changes made with the latest patch. So you’ll be sure to have something to do, and if you really hate hamsters you might have an opponent wearing hamster hoodies. That sort of balances out.

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