PAX East 2016: Guns of Icarus shows off its new ships, new guns, and new maps

Well, okay.

How many cooperative airship piloting simulators are there in the marketplace at the moment? The answer is that there’s basically just the one, and Guns of Icarus could probably rest on those laurels alone. Instead, the developers have rolled out new ships and guns on the show floor at PAX East 2016, giving players a taste of some of the new stuff being added to the game as it continues through the development cycle.

The new ships are the Mercantile Magnate (a maneuverable ship with many fields of fire), the Chaladonian Shrike (maneuverable and well-equipped to put out a broadside but with a fragile frame), the Fjord Baronies Crusader (a ship with powerful weapons that necessitates an expert crew), and the Anglean Corsair (a durable broadside ship with a complex engineering layout). New guns include a gas cloud launcher, a swarm missile launcher, and a focusing laser for ripping through light armor. There are also new enemy boss ships and AI crew members to fill out rosters. Check out a new trailer and screenshots for the game just below.

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