Guns of Icarus opens Alliance PvE alpha for a week


If you like aspects of Guns of Icarus but want to play a version without the PvP, your wish will be granted for one week in August. The catch is you already have to own Guns of Icarus! From August 1st through the 8th, all players who currently own the PvP game can jump into new PvE Guns of Icarus Alliance and participate in objective-driven combat while piloting and crewing the game’s various ships, including the new ones shown at PAX East 2106. The goal of Alliance is to help your faction conquer a territory by destroying enemy outposts, assaulting bases, and retrieving cargo.

If you like the game and decide to support it, you can get an exclusive badge by pre-ordering before the end of this alpha week.

Source: Guns of Icarus official site; thanks to alric112 for the tip!
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