Guns of Icarus fires off a week of open alpha


Welcome to August, friends — and welcome to the war as well. As of today, Guns of Icarus has opened the doors to all players to check out its alpha build.

The key number to remember here is four: “You’ll find yourself flying and crewing on four new ships with access to four new guns in the service of one of four factions. All of these new contents will be in service to the first war of Icarus. Defend a homeland, launch a daring attack, recruit mercenaries, and build defenses as you and other players attempt to dominate the world. Can you rally your faction and turn the tide of the war?”

The open alpha test will run from today through August 8th, offering three game modes (assault, defense, retrieve) across six maps. Players will have a chance to check out the aerial hardware that Guns of Icarus has to offer, including Seraph Tempest missiles, Charybdis gas mortars, Februus weaponized coils, and the Chaladonian Shrike and Anglean Corsair airships.

If that’s not enough, there are various small patch notes with fixes and improvements to check out.

Source: Guns of Icarus. Thanks to DirtyKlingon for the tip!
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