Overwatch banwave crashes into cheaters


For some of Overwatch’s cheaters, August 1st could be the date that lives in infamy.

From the sound of it, it looks like Blizzard triggered a banwave today that’s reaching out far and wide to wash out some of the worst elements in the game’s community. It appears that many of the cheaters were using triggerbots and aimbots in their matches.

If you want to drink in the salty tears of cheaters, well, there are plenty forum posts from those affected. “Blizzard will feel my wrath!” said one player. “Can we make a petition or something? I deserve an extra chance if I spent extra to buy the pre-order edition,” asked another.

Winners don’t do cheats, kids! Warning: Harsh language below.

Overwatch bans 1 august

Source: Reddit, Imgur. Thanks to Nate for the tip!
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