Worlds Adrift’s emblem creator tool is now online


When MMORPGs first got rolling, we were lucky to have guildtags at all, let alone emblem creators, but Dark Age of Camelot’s guild sigils set a standard, and now we expect to be able to design our own guild banners even in indie MMOs.

Worlds Adrift is meeting that call — no, you can’t upload phallic imagery, but you can do so much more than just pick a symbol from a list. In fact, you can pick a whole bunch of images from a list and layer them on top of each other at different opacities and colors and so on, as explained in a new dev blog.

The tool is online now (though you do need a free account to play with it). Check out the monstrosity we made in 30 seconds of tooling — even it shows just how elaborate these could be with some talent and time.


Source: Dev blog

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