Giveaway: Trinium Wars Steam keys and cash-shop currency [Second wave gone now!]


Trinium Wars, confirmed by the devs as being a modernized and further developed version of L.A.W, debuted on Steam last week in early access. How would you like to check it out for free?

InselGames and Hanmaru Soft have granted Massively OP another 500 keys that will unlock the game, 5000 cash currency, and a gas mask for the character. Please note that if you claimed a key in this giveaway last week, you won’t be able to take a new one. Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to take home one of these keys!

No keys left! Sorry.

To redeem your code, you’ll need to launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account, then click the Games Menu. Choose Activate a Product on Steam, and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. You’ll be able to start playing on launch day and claim your goodies inside the game.

Standard giveaway notes
‣ If there’s no captcha or Mo button and all it says is “No keys left! Sorry” in big letters, then we’re out of keys. If we get a refresh from the studio, we’ll send out a note on social media.
‣ Having problems with the captcha not working? Try an alt browser or clear your cache.
‣ Hang on to your code! If you lose it after all of our keys are given out, you’ll need to email us with your IP so that we can look it up for you that way. Please don’t ask us to email you a key if your browser didn’t actually display one for you or you can’t determine your IP!

Good luck and have fun!

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