trinium wars

Official Site: Trinium Wars on Steam
Studio: Hanmaru Soft and InselGames
Launch Date: March 2016; sunsetted August 31, 2016
Genre: Post-Apoc, Sci-Fi PvP Themepark
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop – formerly B2P)
Platform: PC

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Guardians of Ember hack’n’slash MMO launches early access next month

You might remember InselGames as the studio that tried to bring back L.A.W. as Trinium Wars, which didn't go well in the west and...

Trinium Wars will sunset at the end of the the month

Get your playtime in now, folks: Trinium Wars will sunset at the end of the the month. A spokesperson for InselGames confirmed to us that the...

Giveaway: Trinium Wars starter pack from InselGames and MOP [Over now!]

Post-apoc sci-fi MMORPG Trinium Wars leaves behind early access and formally launches into the wilds of Steam today. The base game went free-to-play back in...
There's a thing with this game and redheads, huh?

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Trinium Wars has gone free-to-play today

Trinium Wars has officially gone free-to-play today "due to many requests," says InselGames CEO Patrick Streppel. "We have thought long and hard about this major...

Trinium Wars drops new Puton update and price

What SPF sunblock works best in irradiated lands? The early access sci-fi MMO Trinium Wars just opened up a harsh, barren land of scorching...
It's never quite gone.

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Giveaway: Trinium Wars Steam keys and cash-shop currency [Second wave gone now!]

Trinium Wars, confirmed by the devs as being a modernized and further developed version of L.A.W, debuted on Steam last week in early access. How...

The Stream Team: A first look into Trinium Wars’ Early Access

Another game has joined the ranks of Steam's Early Access: Trinium Wars. If you wanted to get a peek inside this post-apocolyptic game but...
Like a boss.

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Trinium Wars releases on Steam early access

It's 200 years after World War III (the time just flies by, doesn't it?) and two factions are engaged in a ruthless struggle on...

Trinium Wars bringing three classes out for its early access next week

Trinium Wars is preparing to kick off its early access program next week on March 2nd. When prospective players take their first steps into...

Trinium Wars pushes Steam launch to March, demos 1000-player PvP

InselGames and HanmaruSoft have today posted a trailer for Trinium Wars' large-scale PvP gameplay, called Resource War. The Resource War mode plays out on...

Trinium Wars introduces the Narc race

The Narc race for upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO Trinium Wars looks kind of adorable. Big fluffy ears, big eyes, delicate features... all the stuff you'd...

Post-apoc MMO Trinium Wars previews the Human faction in new video

Revealed last week, Trinium Wars appears to be a remake or rerelease of Nitrozen's Living After War, a post-apoc/sci-fi mashup MMO that went into...

Check out post-apoc sci-fi MMORPG Trinium Wars’ reveal trailer

Sci-fi and fantasy post-apoc fans are in for a treat today as Hanmaru Soft and InselGames have formally announced Trinium Wars for PC. Touting...