Post-apoc MMO Trinium Wars previews the Human faction in new video


Revealed last week, Trinium Wars appears to be a remake or rerelease of Nitrozen’s Living After War, a post-apoc/sci-fi mashup MMO that went into closed beta in 2012 and sunsetted on the Alaplaya platform. The rejuvenated¬†Trinium Wars is on track for a February Steam launch, however, and today’s press release introduces the Human faction and its background.

“After the devastating nuclear aftermath of World War III, the last survivors fled to the stars to secure their future. They left everything behind. 200 years later, the heirs of the long forgotten war veterans went on the exhausting journey back to their home planet. But Earth has changed. The nuclear fallout might be gone, but it left a terrible heritage. Scattered over the bare fields of the wasteland or in the trees of green forests, mutants have taken their place. Once, they have been human, who were abandoned to their fate and suffered from the radiation, that transformed them.

“Armed with tanks, helicopters and the most modern war machinery, the Humans are gearing up for the big fight against the mutants. They want to claim what is righteous theirs and defend their inheritance. And Trinium, a special resource grown in the nuclear waste, has been found extremely useful for their cause. But the Humans are not the only ones who are after the precious Trinium.”

There’s a new trailer below as well.

Source: Press release
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