Trinium Wars releases on Steam early access


It’s 200 years after World War III (the time just flies by, doesn’t it?) and two factions are engaged in a ruthless struggle on a new Earth for a rare resource. This is the setting of Trinium Wars, a sci-fi MMO that released today on Steam early access.

Hanmarusoft says┬áthat most of the key features are already in place, although there’s work to be done. As it’s buy-to-play, players will need to front a purchase (the cheapest edition is currently a little over $10 on sale), the proceeds of which will go to fund further development. The devs said that more content is on the way, including a MOBA-style PvP arena, more maps, and the RvR resource war.

We’ve got the Trinium Wars launch trailer and gallery for you after the jump!

Source: Steam
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