Trinium Wars bringing three classes out for its early access next week


Trinium Wars is preparing to kick off its early access program next week on March 2nd. When prospective players take their first steps into the game, they’ll have a choice between three classes to help them survive in this post-apocalyptic landscape.

So what are these roles? First up is the melee Warrior, who uses both a two-handed giant sword and (naturally) a machine gun while wearing heavy armor. Interestingly, the Warrior can toss out buffs and heals to allies. Then there’s the Ghost, who uses claws and (naturally) a machine gun with the added benefit of being able to go invisible and lay down traps. Then there’s the Esper, who is totally denied a machine gun but can use magicky powers to harm or heal.

All of the classes will additionally have access to the mechanic skillset, which includes things like summoning gear and laying down mines. You can see these classes in action in the new PvE teaser after the break.

Source: InselGames press release
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