Trinium Wars introduces the Narc race


The Narc race for upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO Trinium Wars looks kind of adorable. Big fluffy ears, big eyes, delicate features… all the stuff you’d expect from a cute race. But the Narc aren’t meant to be cute; they’re post-apocalypse survivors that are currently making a new home on the first planet that actually has the vital Trinium needed to power Narc technology.

It’s Earth, obviously. Which means that the Narc are going to come into conflict with the Humans, who want their planet back once again. It’s one of those “no right answer” deals.

Rather than living in an irradiated and ashen wasteland, the Narc are cultivating a proper rebirth for the planet Earth, complete with green plant life overtaking the landscape. You can check out a preview of this race of survivors with a trailer and images just below, keeping in mind that the race of survivors in question is also a race of adorable survivors.

Source: HanmaruSoft press release
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