Black Desert’s Mediah expansion launches tomorrow; catch the new trailer


Daum EU announced today via a new Black Desert trailer that the promised upcoming content update, Mediah, is on the way. Soon. As in this week soon. As in tomorrow. Ahhh! Oh, and it’s a free update.

Daum says the expansion includes 30% more world size, 1000 new quests, a world boss, new guild missions, a new instanced 40×40 battlefield, new weapons and armor, higher enchanting, and alchemy stones. Redditors have noted that the Blader and Plum aren’t included, but they were released in Korea not long after the Mediah patch hit there, which may or may not be a hint.

Check out the trailer and new screenshots to see if you spot more clues!

Source: YouTube. Thanks, Kanbe!
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