PigBang is a mobile action MOBA with an unfortunate name


Is PigBang a good name for a game? If it’s an action MOBA that’s chock-full of swine, then perhaps it’s applicable, but probably┬ánot ideal. But far be it from us to judge!

So what is this new title? PigBang is a mobile MOBA that’s eschewing touch controls for a twin-stick shooter approach. Players will lead their team of pig soldiers to victory (or defeat) by using virtual joysticks on both sides of a touch screen. In addition to running and gunning, players can use special abilities, construct towers, and summon minions for their cause.

PigBang certainly does have a colorful art design and some confidence behind it. The title is currently in beta and will launch on both iOS and Android devices. Look past the name to evaluate the trailer after the jump.

Source: PigBang via Touch Arcade
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