Dogma: Eternal Night strives to get a playable client operational


While the team behind Dogma: Eternal Night isn’t quite ready to roll out a schedule of testing dates, it did report that it’s making great progress on getting the game playable. Once this is done, Dogma will begin organizing its initial open tests for the community.

“It’s hard for us to list all the game features that we have improved on in the last few months,” the team said. “Our primary objective at this point in time is to make the game client playable as soon as possible (even if right now it has minimal functionality).”

So what’s been going on with this dark supernatural MMO?  The devs have been working on fleshing out its initial metropolis, creating all of the NPCs to inhabit the city, switching the game over from Direct X to OpenGL, making a special font for players to use, and sketching out new concept art.

Source: Dogma. Thanks to DDO Central for the tip!
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