ArcheAge’s Ascension event spurs player complaints over content

The string of capitalized names is an affront.
The players of ArcheAge are not happy at the moment. If you have read about the game in the past, this may not surprise you. It started with an innocent sounding event to celebrate players returning to the game, with special prizes given out to existing players and returning veterans, including a chance to obtain a temporary mount with a sequence of quests to make that mount permanent by grouping up with returning players.

All of that sounds good, right? The problem comes in with the dynamics. Among the quests for new and returning players to clear together are quests asking players to take on some of the most difficult bosses in the game, which you may recognize as a challenge somewhat beyond someone just stepping back into the game. There are also questions raised about the viability of grouping with returning players to accomplish these tasks and the availability of the bosses in question. There are good reasons to be regarding the event with a bit of side-eye, in short.

Source: Event page, Event explanation, Event discussion, Reddit; thanks to Anonymous for the tip!
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