World of Warcraft’s talent reshuffle is meant to bring ‘more meaningful choice’ to players


We trust it hasn’t escaped your attention that your current World of Warcraft talent build won’t be surviving Legion’s launch intact. The talent system is but one of many that Blizzard’s never-quite-satisfied designers are retweaking, reshuffling, and reworking for the expansion.

Those hurt and confused by the changes can consult a new post on the subject in which the team said that this will provide “more meaningful choice” than before. While the devs are still evaluating and juggling the tree as the beta test progresses, what is sure is that the idea of having three talents on a row that provide different approaches to the same ability has gone bye-bye.

“We don’t want to go back to a world where a talent row is about picking which slightly different flavor of AoE you want,” Blizzard said. “We’ve opted to rearrange things such that you have more choices that mix generally useful talents vs the more specialized talents. Hopefully that line between the theoretical best talent and the others will be a bit more blurry now, and the talent you do choose won’t feel like a wasted talent point in many situations.”

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