Darkfall: New Dawn’s next patch will increase performance, clarify meditation system


Darkfall: New Dawn’s load lag and subpar performance will be nipped in the bud with the game’s next patch — or so the developers hope. In a new dev blog, the team said that Patch 2 for the reboot has shown positive results with decreased loading times and increased frame rates.

Another significant change to come with this update is an overhaul of the meditation system: “While we were doing the QA of our meditation system changes, we noticed that the overall system is quite obscure and we would like to balance it with more cohesion. Something that can be easily explained to players and be min/maxed effectively to promote gameplay.”

Meditation allows for advancement while players are offline, allowing more casual players a chance to catch up with regulars. Players earn meditation points (MP) for doing quests, and these points are then spent on offline tasks.

Patch 2 is scheduled for approximately two weeks after the game’s upcoming stress test to allow for any last-minute hotfixes.

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