Firefly Online’s development status is up in the atmo

You can, in fact, take all sorts of skies.

Multiplayer mobile game Firefly Online was originally planned to release over a year ago. Then it delayed to work in the main cast and revamp. Last winter, the studio shut down in-app purchases ahead of its planned beta. In March, the official Facebook page remarked only that the game was still there and still flyin’. But beyond those beeps and boops of communication, the near-silence has been ominous.

In May, a player finally scored a response from Spark Plug Games that implies the studio has been bound to secrecy about whatever is going on and that further inquiries must be made to Twentieth Century Fox or Quantum Mechanix, who own and distribute merchandise for the franchise, respectively.


Players on the Steam community group continue to debate whether the game is vaporware or simply in development hell (the special hell, no doubt). One Facebook visitor claims he’d been told the game is dead, but no proof has been offered as of the writing of this post.

We’ve reached out to Quantum Mechanix (QMx) ourselves for more information on what’s going on with the title and will report back when we can confirm one way or another.

Source: Facebook. Thanks to My Secret I.D. for the tip!

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