WildStar makes plans to become more alt-friendly

Play ALL the people.

Alternate characters can be important in MMOs. If you’re playing a game that doesn’t allow for swapping classes, it’s a chance to try out a different playstyle and a different outlook on life. Considering WildStar’s different paths, classes, and factions, we’d say there’s plenty of options out there to support alts, but about a month ago the game’s development team asked players what could be done to encourage evenĀ more alts.

Players answered. Oh, boy, did they ever answer. And so the thread is closed down and the development team has responded, stating that some of the changes requested would require a pretty significant account-level rework to support interconnection between characters. So… that’s on deck.

Other changes for the game include making more AMP and ability tier points universal for a player’s account and making reputation more easily transferred between a main character and alts. Those changes are coming within the next few week, while other changes are a bit further in the future. Still, that enough will hopefully let players feel that their efforts on one character are more thoroughly rewarded across the game.

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