Black Desert postpones its siege schedule over bugs


After numerous delays, Daum implemented the “rehearsal” version of Black Desert’s siege system last week, but it’s already decided to¬†postpone the real deal.

“Unfortunately the two most recent bugs have proven to be problematic, one prevents siege towers from receiving damage while the other prevents guilds from building towers on time,” explained Daum’s CM_Jouska on the forums. “Due to these bugs, following the Region Siege War this Saturday we will be postponing further sieges until we have a patch to correct these problems. While this delay in siege content is not ideal, we do this in order to address the problems as quickly as possible and insure that all guilds have an equal opportunity to participate and enjoy this system.”

Jouska says Daum will announce an ETA for the relaunch when it has one.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Zo5o!
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