RIFT’s summer patch includes starter guilds, dungeon veterans, and the 64-bit alpha

[AL:Rift]Summer is the perfect time for cookouts, beach parties, sunburns, and meaty MMO patches. At least RIFT thinks so, as Trion Worlds is preparing Update 3.7 for release some time in July.

RIFT always likes to keep experimenting with new ideas, and Update 3.7 won’t be exempt from this. One of these ideas is that all new players will automatically be placed into a starter guild for immediate companionship. Speaking of guilds, we understand the patch will change the requirements to make a new one so that a single person can create a guild without any additional signatures.

Another interesting idea is the concept of dungeon veterans. According to Trion, once players have run a dungeon five times, they’ll be flagged as a “veteran” for that instance. This status will provide a hearty bonus when that dungeon is run with at least one non-veteran.

Other goodies coming with 3.7 include the return of the Summerfest celebration, a revamp of several souls, and the 64-bit alpha.

Source: RIFT
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