The Daily Grind: Do you like ‘seasonal challenge’ content in MMORPGs?


On this week’s Massively OP podcast — out yesterday evening for our $5+ Patreon backers and out later this afternoon for everybody else — Larry explains just what the deal is with Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Dark vs. Light campaign. Players are miffed because they’re being expected to roll new characters to complete achievements and challenges in a time-limited ordeal that delivers rewards to their whole accounts.

Daybreak is taking the idea a step further with new EverQuest and EverQuest II servers that create a series of PvE-focused challenges for the players to complete during a set season.

It reminds me of the sort of seasonal challenge content we’d see from games like Diablo III and Path of Exile or even SMITE, not quite so much MMORPGs. This kind of stuff is usually limited to direct PvP over here in MMOland, but I’m not sure I mind the injection of new ideas in the PvE space. How about you? Do you like “seasonal challenge” content in MMORPGs?

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