Guild Wars 2 considers skill splitting to balance PvE and PvP


If you’ve ever played a PvE MMORPG that had to balance classes, stats, and skills around PvP — or vice versa — then you know that separating the modes is a huge boon to both sides (and a headache to developers). ArenaNet knows this well, having famously done it for classic Guild Wars many years ago. And now it looks like skill splits to that effect are on table in Guild Wars 2.

In response to a player begging for SPvP to be properly balanced, the studio’s Josh Davis seems to imply that new tech makes skill splitting possible — even inevitable.

“The Lesh Prince recently developed some tech that makes skill-splitting more feasible than it was previously – you’ll see some PvP (and PvE) splits in the next balance update. It’s important to understand that changes will still need to be global, but we’ll definitely have a bit more flexibility moving forward.
Keeping parity between modes when possible is important to us – but when it’s not feasible we’ll look at splits.”

Source: Official site via Dulfy
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