DCUO plans larger, slower releases, Suicide Squad map, and boosted characters

Daybreak has big plans for the development of DC Universe Online. Senior Community Relations Manager Ted Stone outlines what’s in store in a hefty dev post today.

For starters, beginning with Episode 27, DCUO will be shelving the monthly episode updates in favor of much larger content drops. “Large releases will allow us to eliminate some of the complexity surrounding monthly progression, ease some of that pressure you feel to get to and stay at the bleeding edge, and allow you to enjoy your achievements longer,” he writes. “That said, we will maintain some of the recent improvements, including multiple, varied storylines per Episode and Elite versions of content.” Episode 27 — Amazon Fury Part III — is therefore slated for late 2016 or early 2017.

Stone further notes that regular game updates will continue; the team is still working on the stat revamp, alternative character progression, the ongoing balance passes, the water power set, and league tools. The remainder of 2016 will bring a Suicide Squad-themed PvP map, new level 30 missions, a better early game experience, and a level 25 character boost purchasable in the cash shop. GU62 itself is due out later this summer and will overhaul the episode system to allow all players, even non-subbers, limited access to the episodes.

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