Chronicles of Elyria teases its new store in wake of its new website

Dad has not yet come back from the store.

Man, the Chronicles of Elyria website is looking good lately. Did it lose weight? Yes, apparently, although almost all of that was in the backend as explained by the developers. The site might not look very different, but it took a lot of doing, and the counterbalance was that the team had to delay the implementation of its new store interface until… well, today. Supposedly. (It doesn’t appear to be live just yet.)

The improved site and store will give fans more options to support the game’s ongoing development, complete with snazzy new forum borders for those who pledged significant amounts of money. Game development has been unaffected by the site delay, although no details are being shared. Still, though, that website is really looking good, right? Do you think it’s seeing anyone?