Shroud of the Avatar races to address issues before persistent world launch


Time is running short for Shroud of the Avatar to prepare for its persistent world launch at the end of the month. The team has been patching up Release 31, including the most recent build yesterday, as it tries to nail down some pesky issues plaguing the game.

While the patch fixes an issue of ever-fleeing mobs, the known issues list is pretty telling as to the work that needs to be done at this stage of development. Some of the problems that the team is tackling include cloth physics causing the game to crash, rain coming through the roofs of houses, and “significant stability issues” thanks to the latest version of Unity.

There will be one final wipe prior to Release 32 on July 28th. While the game will still be in development and testing with that update, the game world should not see any further wipes after that date.

Source: Patch notes
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