The Black Death’s new update adds in the Beggar and the bounty system

spare monies for a noob

In every game, you run across the person begging for a handout. The player who always asks for gold, armor, runs, items, weapons, and anything else that can be traded. Isn’t it high time that player type got a character class? The Black Death‘s latest update adds the Beggar, who has the ability to beg for money and craft awful trinkets. The class also features improved resistance to the plague, because as we all know being without shelter with spotty nutrition and irregular sleep makes you a dynamo of health.

The patch also adds in the bounty system, so you can now equip a price on your head. Wait, that’s not right, a price can be placed on your head. By someone else, presumably someone who has good reason to dislike you (like knowing that you murder low-level players for fun, or having been robbed by you, or seeing that you’re playing a Beggar). There’s also a combat balance revamp and a new region of Mercia, which should make defending yourself against bounty hunters and then hiding out just a little bit easier. Check out all the details in the patch notes.

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