Crowfall authorizes RMT program for retired goods


In trying to anticipate the demand for reselling retired Crowfall goods and heading off some of the shadier aspects of third-party RMT transactions, ArtCraft announced that it is authorizing two sites to be part of its new Trusted Trader program.

“The general idea is that if you want to sell or buy a retired pledge package or item as a RMT (rather than just trading it in-game), you can utilize the services of a Trusted Trader to do so within the Crowfall rules,” the studio said.

Both current Trusted Trader affiliates have prior connections with ArtCraft and pay “a small fee” to the studio to help cover the costs of the program. One of the affiliates, MarkeeDragon, has also been given the go-ahead to sell all Crowfall packages and goods through his site.

Speaking of retired goods, Crowfall will be closing out current Kickstarter and stronghold bundles at the end of August and offering new custom-created strongholds at a higher price.

Source: Crowfall
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