Blade and Soul wades into a summertime patch


Shadows of the Innocents, Blade and Soul’s 2.4 patch, hit the live servers yesterday, giving max level players more content to consume. There are two new dungeons that arrived as well as the Twisted Grimhon Wilds, a 24-player open world instance with scads of dailies.

The update also majorly boosted experience that players will receive by completing story missions. Other welcome changes include more localization improvements and better season 3 PvP rewards.

If that’s not enough to keep you occupied, 2.4 triggered two events: Tidal Treasures and Seeds of Growth. Tidal Treasures, which runs through August 24th, challenges players to upgrade special oceanic weapons that can be ultimately exchanged for special rewards.

Source: Patch notes, Tidal Treasures. Thanks to Qarran for the tip!

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