World of Warcraft preps new site, fixes the cross-realm RP mess


The World of Warcraft site has gone through a number of changes and overhauls over the years, so don’t act too surprised to see Blizzard doing it once again. The studio will be rolling out the newest version of the website on July 26th, although you can get a preview of what it will look like right now.

“Consider it your future home for all things WoW, with an all-new home page, game section, new player and returning player guides, and much more,” the studio said. “As with any new undertaking, this site is a work in progress and we’ll be updating it regularly with a variety of features, including updated player profiles, PvP Ladder information, and more.”

Blizzard also responded to recent game changes that have negatively impacted roleplaying in large cities. The good news is that fixes are going into place to disable excessive instancing in capitals, starting with Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

“In those designated areas, players on RP realms will not be automatically mixed with players from other realms, nor will they be split into multiple ‘shards.’ In other words, if you’re on an RP server, you won’t have trouble finding other people from your realm in these areas, and shouldn’t see very many (if any) players from other realms,” Blizzard posted.