Gotta catch all of Landmark’s cosmetic pets


If you were just thinking, I really need my own antlered bunny to follow me around in Landmark, you’ve hit the jackpot! No, seriously — you might want to consider buying a lottery ticket because you hit the nail on the head here. While you’re spending money on your ticket, you can also pick up some of Landmark’s new cosmetic pets introduced in this week’s update. The pets include a floppy-eared bunny with antlers as well as regular bunnies, wolves, beetles, and a few other critters. The Lop Ear Bunny is a rare drop from outpost elites, but the other six are only available from the marketplace. Pets won’t do anything combat-wise, unless mobs can suddenly keel over from a cuteness overdose.

Cuddly companions are the only thing in this update. Players can now also change their gender and their size/race at the Crimson Parlor, and there are plenty new storytelling tools, including a scoreboard, a combat node, and a server time node. Full details can be found in the official patch notes.

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