WildCard recombines ARK versions back into one game, adds SOTF modding and VR


Remember back when Studio WildCard split ARK into two stand-alone games, Survival Evolved and Survival of the Fittest? Well, ignore that. The studio is recombining the two back into one single game, which means the mod-turned-game-turned-mod/server will no longer be free-to-play. However, the Survivor Leagues where folks battle it out for cash prizes and the dedicated eSport ranking will continue in SotF.

Why the change? According to devs it’s to allow unlimited modding support. Jeremy Stieglitz, lead designer, programmer, and co-founder of Studio Wildcard, said that Steam Workshop support for SotF is “pretty much the most-requested feature for the game at the present time.” The reintegration will allow players to move assets from the main game and put them into Survival of the Fittest as well as give modders access to work with new content as soon as it comes out for either of the two versions. If you want to catch Survival of the Fittest in action, the July Survivor League Championship will stream on Saturday, August 6th, at 11 a.m. EDT. on the game’s official Twitch channel.

SotF isn’t the only thing returning to ARK: Survival Evolved, either. An early implementation of Oculus VR support is enabled again as of v245.94, and devs expect more improvements in the weeks ahead.

Source: Studio WildCard press release, VR announcement
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