Marvel Heroes the angelic assassin Angela and never-melting ice cream bars


As was foretold by the stars and prophets of old — as well as Gazillion’s developers — Thor’s sister Angela has joined the cast of Marvel Heroes.

Angela might not be as well-known as her Asgardian sibling, but she stands to make her own way in the game as Marvel Heroes’ 59th character. She plays as a hard-hitting assassin who uses her “heavenly ribbons” to assist with her sword attacks. Angela also comes with a massive chip on her shoulder that’s free of cost.

Today’s patch redesigned the first chapter of the story mode and triggered the start of an End of Summer event. The event description must be quoted in full, otherwise you would think we were making this up:

This past summer has been a scorcher so Dr. Pym and Mr. Fantastic put their great minds together to make Never Melting Ice Cream Bars for their fellow heroes to help keep them cool. Jealous that they didn’t have access to this new tasty technology, villains banded together and stole all of the Ice Cream Bars for themselves and stole the secret Never Melting Cores!

Source: Patch notes, Marvel Heroes

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