Lord of the Rings Online has a two-and-a-half-year plan

Lord of the Rings Online isn’t prepared to close up shop in Middle-earth just yet. In a new interview with fansite Dadi’s LOTRO Guides, Turbine said that the team has plans mapped out to the end of 2018 — plans that might include a new expansion.

“Right now we have a two-and-a-half-year plan,” Executive Producer Severlin said, “and the only reason it is not further is because we want to see where the player’s heads are at after that much time. We are currently focused on not only telling the epic story leading up to the Gate, but also what happens beyond. We have already kind of hinted to the players that an expansion is on its way.”

So if there are long-term plans, does that mean that the game’s IP license has been renewed? Turbine wasn’t saying outright, although the studio did mention that these closed-room deals were “a routine piece of business and we have no reason to think this won’t be a continuation of that.”

Another topic discussed was the ongoing issue of lag in the game. While Turbine said that it’s trying to bring more engineers onboard to fix these issues, it’s a complicated situation: “So what is sort of unfortunate about some of the lag that some of our players have seen is that there is not a single source for it. It is a many-headed beast that basically means we have to keep hacking heads off as we can find them.”

A second part of the interview is on its way.

Source: Dadi’s LOTRO Guides. Thanks Amorey!
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