Perfect World International kicks off anniversary celebrations with bartering

For chickens.

Perfect World International has been running for eight years now, which is a pretty impressive milestone. The somewhat eponymous team at Perfect World Entertainment intends to celebrate appropriately, and the first celebration event takes advantage of players with eight years of no-longer-wanted stuff kicking around with a brand-new barter event. Threads will be started in the official forum, and you will bid on the items contained… through barter.

Players can barter with any items on their characters, even ones that normally could not be traded. All bids must meet a minimum value to be accepted and must be accompanied by a character name and server; winning bids will have the bid items removed from the character’s inventory and replaced with the prize during server maintenance. If you’ve got a whole bunch of rare items that you don’t want, here’s a chance for you to turn those items into something far more desirable.

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