The Division is opening a public test server

Well, what fresh hell is this.

There’s nothing quite like putting a patch out into the wild. Sure, you can do your best to test something internally, but until players are actually experiencing a patch, there are certain things you just can’t test. That’s why everyone should be happy that The Division is opening a public test server for its next major update, allowing players to try out the next set of content and mechanical updates before it goes live.

For players who enjoy testing, it’s a chance to identify and fix bugs before they go live. For players who don’t enjoy testing, it means more polished patches when those patches do go live. And for console players, well, it’s mostly just something you don’t have to worry about, as the test server is PC only. Still, the important thing is that the test server is coming, even if details on access and testing windows are still up in the air.

Source: Official Site; thanks to ADadSupreme for the tip!
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