Mark Kern’s Ember pays for a mining mech with its latest crowdfunding campaign


Ex-Red 5 Studios CEO Mark Kern has taken to Indiegogo once more to finance his promised “massive planetary wargame,” Ember. This second trip to gamers’ wallets is part of Kern’s plan to conduct multiple rounds of fundraising to make the game a reality.

The project was seeking a minimum of $5,000 to help construct a playable mockup of a mining mech, T.H.M.P.R. This small goal has already been easily surpassed, with the crowdfunding campaign has crossed $23,300 at the time of this writing.

“So here’s the plan: We’re breaking up the funding of the game into deliverable, playable milestones,” the team posted on the campaign page. “Currently, each milestone is designed to be funded and delivered in less than two months.”

Ember is a “spiritual successor” of sorts to Firefall, and if you want the whole saga of the story of these two games to date, we shall point you to our comprehensive summary. You can get an update on the fundraising campaign and development of Ember in the video below.

Source: Indiegogo. Thanks Kinya!
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