Revelation Online shows off the Occultist

Well, here you are, chittering to the beyond.
[AL:Rev]The Occultist in Revelation Online is a complicated sort. Sure, a given Occultist is capable of delivering devastating ranged attacks, because what’s life without devastating ranged attacks? It’s boring. But said Occultist also has a softer side, a more supportive side, aimed at enhancing allies with powerful buffs. In summary, Occultists are a class of contrast, along with a class full of grim stares and gothy fashion sensibility.

You can check out a preview of the Occultist’s brooding personality in the class trailer just below, which shows little of the mechanical side of things but does feature a pouty dude with a scythe. Lore-wise, the class is charged by the Queen of Souls to oversee the balance between the realm of the living and the realm of the spiritual, serving as interrogators as they peer into their targets’ very souls. So complicated, yes, but not exactly upbeat.

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