Neverwinter is closing down the Gateway client

Always close the gates.
The Gateway site is not an integral part of Neverwinter, but it’s a pretty advantageous portion of the game; it’s a web-based service allowing players to log in and perform various game-based tasks without launching the full game client. Unfortunately, it’s being shut down for the simple reality that the service has always had an enormous problem with botting, which affects both the service itself and players attempting to play the live game.

Numerous measures were put in place to curb the botting problem, but ultimately the designers have just decided that it’s not worth it. Players who did make use of the Gateway will receive a Mini Apparatus of Gond in the mail as an apology. It was a nice idea, but ultimately, it just wasn’t working out as planned; now the team hopes to divert resources away from fighting bots in that service and toward making a better game.

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