Age of Conan’s complete collection launches with a steep discount


How’s this for a savage one-two punch of happiness? Funcom has bundled every scrap of Age of Conan content into a complete collection and then put it on sale for the next few days at a steep discount.

The Hyborian Conqueror Collection covers all four of the MMO’s expansions and DLC packs to date: Rise of the Godslayer, Savage Coast of Turan, Secrets of Dragon’s Spine, and Shadow of Vanaheim. Buyers also get a special vanity cloak for their troubles.

The collection is currently available on Steam at 40% off its $60 price tag, putting it at just $36 from now through Friday, September 30th. Obviously, it’s aimed at players who haven’t sunk a lot of money into fleshing out their Age of Conan experience, so if you’ve already bought one or more of the content packs, you might want to consider if it’s worth buying it again for the rest.

Source: Steam