Lineage 2 Classic adds sieges, fishing, and achievements

Cool, great, grand.

It’s heady times for fans of Lineage 2 Classic, as the European server has patched in its Saviors update.

This large content patch contains many new features for the classic server, starting with the new (for the server) Siege of Aden Castle. In this siege, player collision will be turned off and automatic clan alliances will be formed between non-affiliated guilds. PvP fans can also fight one of the new PvP zones or in the one-on-one Grand Olympiad event every weekend.

Saviors has a lot more to offer than just PvP features. Players can dig into 14 new clan skills, enjoy a clan reward system, move into one of the half-dozen new clan halls, go fishing for a break from the war, and pursue dozens of achievements. There’s also a daily reward system that encourages players to participate in certain activities.

The Lineage 2 Classic server came online last December.


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